Digital Transformation

Does your company need a better CRM solution, a marketing app that helps customers access you quicker for info and purchase, or automation of your social media? Do you have an enterprise-wide business management software that helps you to quickly invoice, maintain inventory and provide excellent customer service? Are you in tune with “Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation

All of us grew up in the world as it was turning ‘Digital’. Almost every individual and business has been traveling on this “Digital” superhighway already, whether they knew it or not. So why exactly is “Digital Transformation” still a pertinent buzz word and strategy in 2022?

One significant reason is the ‘Speed of technology change’. The speed with which our technology is evolving is exponential. Computing power, storage and data communications are doubling their capacity and performances every few months. One of the problems with this rapid change is that businesses are finding it extremely difficult to keep up with the pace of this evolution. In the C-suite the feeling is likened to “changing the wheels of the car, while driving it at full speed”. Naturally, there is an ever-increasing gap between technology possibilities and what businesses are operating with or can afford. This gap is further influenced by innovative disruption This gap and innovative disruption are constantly threatening existing businesses with unforeseen competition and in some cases challenging their very business models with extinction.

In the reality of this growing transformation challenge, every business needs to make well-informed and timely decisions and continue to update its unique journey of Digital transformation. The goal is to timely employ the right technology needed to stay competitive and have sustainability, no matter the business environment.

Our P2M team has the experience and practical expertise to understand the ever-changing business and industry dynamics. Our team, both consultants and implementors, assist you in making the best strategic choices and implementing timely solutions to expedite the speed of your digital transformation. We have a highly skilled team with an up-to-date knowledge of the latest technology trends. We also have the maturity and experience to sift through marketing buzz and assess the ‘Real Value’ and focus on bottom line results while designing and building the IT strategy. At P2M we can hold your hand from launching your first AI based Chatbot or any other ‘Mechanical Turk’ application to building and installing a basic marketing or operations automation tool to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Our differentiator is that we not only “consult” but can actually “deliver” the solution we recommend. Some of the business areas we have assisted our business partners are:


In today’s Customer Centric world, business have to make customers the sole focus in their business. Customer retention and loyalty is of prime importance in the new world of information and access. The biggest challenge faced is scattered data in different systems and the information flood. Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, has evolved with many automated tools to solve this ongoing challenge. Choosing the right CRM and set of tools and optimally using it is of paramount importance. P2M can work with organizations to implement standard or custom-designed CRM systems to make sense of their data and use it intelligently to understand and cater to customer needs.

Customer Self-Care

Customers demand 24X7 availability and access to your company and applications. They demand that they can choose to do business with you at their own convenience. P2M can help you develop and implement a customer self-care system designed for your size company and customer needs.

Growing adoption of self-care systems provided by most of the banks and utility companies have raised customer expectations for self-care engagement. You can provide similar facilities to your customers to maintain their profile, pay invoices, get reminders etc. This not only boost the customer confidence in your offerings but also drastically reduces your operational costs while improving cash flow and customer retention.

We can help you cross that chasm and match you with your customer’s expectation.

Mobile Apps

Our Push2Market team has evolved with mobile computing right from the inception of this technology. We have witnessed the constant changes in technology, customer expectations and modes of doing business. We have mastered these changes and, in many cases, have been spearheading the changes in the domain. We understand the importance of having the right elements of mobile computing for achieving desired business results

Whether it’s the high availability at customer’s fingertip, operational efficiency or understanding your customer better, we have the components and highly experienced team to achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently. We can hold your hands throughout the decisions and process to combine your business needs with state of art technology platforms suitable for your needs. Our specialized User Experience experts can deliver great apps without compromising performance and reliability.

We are passionate about delivering optimized solutions on a variety of technology platforms. We have decades of experience with highly secure financial applications, as well as medical apps (HEPPA Compatible) and IOT based data collection apps.

Audio & Video Content Production

Jumping to 5G Cellular bandwidth is attracting more and more consumers to access the information through their mobile devices ‘on demand’. Pust2Market has recognized this frontier years ahead and have been mastering the art of delivering mobile-friendly quality audio and video content which appeals to the consumers. We now have a specialized team which focus on the efficient production of AV content for product and services marketing campaigns. Unlike many other vendors, we take complete responsibility, from concept to production of a script, audio tracks and video content. We utilize the perfect keywords ad SEO to further help gaini the right audience for your message and videos.

P2M is here to assist you with the innovative strategy and implementation of your Digital Transformation plan and tools

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